A interesting Story of the 1st airplan in the world

Today tells about the world’s first successful airplane of its interesting information page “The Ariel Wright” and “The Willow Wright” on the head of the two brothers, the world’s first successful fleeting aircraft. This airplane successfully flew on December 17, 1903, both of whom were living in America.

He later became known as Wright Brothers in connection with the invention of a plane. The ship that he had built was a petrol engine that wanders wings carrying both sides of the plane However, airplane experiments had already been done before this. But these planes had many problems. And it was not less than any risk of a man’s ride on them. But Wright Brothers made the first ever best-controlled, powerful and human weight-efficient airplane That’s why the first step of making a plane is the head of these two brothers. Surprisingly, these two brothers did not study any of the facts about the college. Both of these brothers were German engineer Otto Lai Linthe There was some training taken by Glider Flight.
Both of these brothers had the capability to solve mechanical design problems, which proved to be helpful in making their successful ships forward.

His first success consisted of only 12 scandals. His plane had set a distance of 120 feet in 12 scandals, but it proved to be a milestone for the revolution of the planes of the world, moving ahead of the 12 scandals He prepared the first plane in 1900.

But the plane did not achieve any success because its design had many problems. In 1901, he again created another plane that had already been a better design than ever. But there were some problems in which it could not fly too. In 1902, both of these brothers tried to blow over the plane more than 100 times, and many of his designs were crashes, which he took several days to repay. Finally, he took his hard color and on 17 December 1903, he successfully conducted his plane in the air for 12 seconds. On that day, he flew his ship several times. On that day, he kept his plane lasting for 59 seconds in the air and set a distance of 852 feet After that many years, both of these brothers would be happy to improve their planes better.

In 1905, he flew his plane for 39 minutes and made his best record. In 1908, he successfully conducted a public flight of France for a public flight, and the views of the world were concentrated on both the brothers. In 1909, the US Army bought their first plane for themselves After which he founded the Wright Company. In 1912, Wilbert Wright died from typhoid. While Orwell survived until 1948.

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