Pakistani Girls whatsapp Numbers | Pakistani Girls Mobile Numbers

Pakistani Girls Whatsapp number

If you’re looking for girls number on this post, don’t worry. Because now you have opened a website where you can get Real Pakistani Girls Whatsapp Numbers.
Every man in life wants a person to come into his life who shares his happiness and sorrow. Support him in every case, but such a friend is someone’s destiny. Having a girl is essential for happiness and peace in life.
There are a lot of people in the world right now who are embarrassed to talk to a girl and that’s why they start to feel incomplete in life.
He also wants to have a partner and in the same cycle he uses the internet to find the girls number.
Today we are going to share with you some Pakistani girls numbers which are absolutely true and at that time those numbers are also on.
But first of all, let me tell you one thing, we have found all these girls numbers on the internet and it is not our responsibility to find out if these numbers are correct or not. If you encounter any problem while dialing these numbers, it will not be our responsibility. Because the information given on the internet can be wrong.

Pakistani Girl Mobile Number for friendship

Here is the list of All Beautifull and active Girls Mobile and WhatsApp number list for friendship and dating. You can call and text to make friends and can join there groups. If you are looking for pakistani girls whatsapp number then we have provided these numbers for free that is given below.

Girls Whatsapp Number

We have got all these numbers from different places and all the numbers are real and 100% working. Before you talk to these girls, you must text them once and ask them if they are willing to talk to you, because it is a legal offense to harass a girl like this, for which you will be punished. It can happen.
Name Age Number
Ayesha 21Y 0334-3589472
Hania 28Y 03083865977
Rumaisa 21Y 03003214732
Dua 23Y 03453132260
Mehwish 25Y 03468634610
Ifra 30Y 03083865977
Sidra 28Y 03343589472
Kinza 25Y 03037788491
Pretty 22Y 03413686010
Eman 26Y 03475024870
Amna 22Y 3123248066
Sara 19Y 03455923329
Maria 22Y +923015090518
Manha 27Y 03349889660
Aqsa 24Y 03369077431
Urwa 21Y 923031134994
Mahnoor 28Y 03035635987
Bushra 21Y 0300-3214732
Fozia 23Y 03035635987
Afnan 25Y 03007262648
Saira 30Y 03235698547
Tehreem 28Y 03448965784
Alisha 25Y 03135874259
Mishal 22Y 03347619482

Girls Whatsapp numbers | Pakistani Girls mobile Number

Go live and make friends online. at this time 240+ Girls are online who are waiting for your messages and calls. Just find Girls whatsapp number and start online chatting on whatsapp.
1. Kinza Batool – Whatsapp Number
Hi, I am Kinza Batool and I am looking for a Honesty Boyfriend who Love me and Chatt online with me. I am a Pakistani Girl & I am 32 Years old and please never disturb me if I dont repsonse or pick your call. I am waiting for Your Message.
Beautiful Girls Number


  • Name: Kinza Batool
  • Age: 32
  • location: Lahore
  • Status: Married
  • Job: Yes
  • Number: 0300-3214732
  • Email: [email protected]
2. Iram Fatima
Iram is a Pakistani Hot girl, If You are Looking for Hot Girl Number or Any Hot Girl Whatsapp number then You can text her to become your friend. You can Chat with this girl on Whatapp.
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  • Name: Iram Fatima
  • Age: 23
  • location: Karachi
  • Status: Single
  • Work: Study
  • Number: 0303-7788491
  • Email: [email protected]
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3. Najma Sadaf
Here are a lot of Real Pakistani Girls Numbers and You can after making friend them. If She didn’t fee comfort with you then don’t waste your or her time. Najma Sadaf is a Beautiful Village Girl and if You are Looking for Beautifull Village Girl Number then try this and ask her for friendship.
Pakistani Girls Whatsapp number
  • Name: Najma Sadaf
  • Age: 26
  • location: Karachi
  • Status: Single
  • Job: I am Working in Karachi in Bank
  • Number: 03343589472
  • Email: [email protected]
4. Salma Khan
Pakistani Girls Whatsapp number


I am Salma and I am a Muslim. I am looking for a handsome and Cute Boy Whatsapp number and I want to marry him my age is 23 Years and I am from Rawalpindi. I am Mulim girl so I will like Muslim boy.
  • Name: Salma khan
  • Age: 23
  • location: Pindi
  • Status: Single
  • Work: No
  • Number: 03083865977
  • Email: [email protected]

5. Urooj Fatima

Urooj is a Pakistani Girl and she is looking for a smart and cute boy whatsapp number. She is from Peshawar and 19 years old. She is a Beautifull Girl.

Urooj fatima Pakistani Girls Number

  • Name: Urooj Fatima
  • Age: 19
  • location: Peshawar
  • Status: Single
  • Work: No
  • Number: 0346-8634610
  • Email: [email protected]

Karachi Girls Whatsapp numbers (2020)

Karachi is the largest and most beautiful city in Pakistan. If you talk about girls in Karachi, there is hardly anyone as beautiful as them. Many lovely guys look for a Pakistani girl’s Karachi girls Whatsapp numbers or a mobile numbers to talk them. Thousands of Karachi girls numbers will be found on the internet but only a few of them will be online.
We’ve found some online numbers on the Internet that are listed below.

1. Bushra Basheer

I am Bushra and looking for cute boys whastapp number. If You want to make girlfriend online then comment or text me I will contact you soon after receiving your Message. Please Don’t heart me I already hearted.

karachi Girls Whatsapp Numbers

  • Name: Bushra Basheer
  • Age: 21
  • location: Karachi
  • Status: Single
  • Work: Study
  • Number: 03453132260
  • Email: [email protected]

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2. Asma

Online Karachi Pakistani Girls Number

  • Name: Asma
  • Age: 27
  • location: Karachi
  • Status: Married
  • Work: No
  • Number: 03413686010
  • Email: [email protected]

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Online Beautiful Girls Numbers calling Whatsapp Numbers

there is very beauty in Pakistan and if you are crazy about girls and you cannot with girls the don’t worry here are some cute girls who are ready to chat with you online.

1. Shazia

Beautiful Pakistani Girls Numbers

  • Name: Shazia
  • Age: 30
  • location: Islamabad
  • Status: Married
  • Work: Yes
  • Number: 03475024870
  • Email: [email protected]

2. Shameem

New Pakistani Girls Numbers

  • Name: Shameem
  • Age: 28
  • location: Sindh
  • Status: Single
  • Work: No
  • Number: 03349889660
  • Email: [email protected]

3. Nadia

Karachi Girls Calling Number

  • Name: Nadia
  • Age: 21
  • location: Lahore
  • Status: Single
  • Work: Study
  • Number: 03455923329

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4. Isha Chauhdry

I am Isha from Islamabad and I want to make friends. Only 25 Years or Below People Contact me.

Girls Calling Number

  • Name: Isha Chaudhry
  • City: Islamabad
  • Cell: 3123248066
  • Email: Not
  • Work: Studying
  • Status: Single

5. Aliya Batool

Will you become my Friend? For what reason would you say you are pausing?

  • Name:  Mariya
  • City: Lahore
  • Status: Single
  • Email: Mariya
  • Number: 3015090518
  • Whatsapp number: +923015090518

Sindhi Girls Numbers | Girls Numbers for friendship

I saw many times that there are many Pakistani girls who are looking for cute Boys numbers and that is so easy to find cute boys numbers from the world of the internet.

Here Pakistani girls WhatsApp Number are daily We check all numbers and then publish here. if you want to get real girls numbers then don’t wait to comment on your number and submit.

1. Sadia Parween

  • Name: Sadia
  • Location: Karachi
  • Number: 92313-30230-897

2. Bushra Bibi

  • Name: Bushra
  • Number: 0312-2587966

3. Fiza Awan

  • Name: Fiza
  • NUMBER: 0333-7154585

4. Hiba Salma

Pakistani Real Girl Whatsapp number 2020

  • Name: Hiba Salma
  • Location: Sindh
  • Number: 0321-568275

5. Hina Kareem

  • Name: Hina Kareem
  • Location: Sindh
  • Number: +92334-7028868

6. Anam

  • Name: Anam
  • City: Karachi
  • Number: 92-345-2122663
  • Status: None Married/Single
  • Just Friends

7. Saima Baji

  • Name: Saima
  • City: KPK
  • Status: Married
  • Number: 03369077431

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Many People ask questions that how they can make friends online

There are many ways and may tips which you can use and you can make friends online.

1. Find Friends Near you

If you cannot find girls near you then there are many parks where you can find your beautiful life-partner and you can make him/her your friend.

2. Say to Your parents

Yes! This is the best option for you. are you feeling alone? Why you don’t say to your parents to do your marriage. it is the correct way for you to turn into a decent man and to locate a decent individual in your life.

It is Your right to decide about your life but do you know? Parents know more than what is right and what is wrong. So, Leave this on Your parents to decide about your life.

3. Make Online friends Apps

There are many applications and sites on the internet that can permit you to Find girls matches with you, can find young lady, girls, and finding the other country girl’s numbers.

If you are Looking for an Online Dating site and they are asking you your private or personal information then don’t believe them and don’t provide your personal information.

Real & New Pakistani Girls mobile numbers for Friendship

Today I will share with you some girl’s mobile numbers which are 100% real or not fake numbers.

1. Sana Rajpoot

I am Sana from Karachi. I want to make a true boyfriend. If someone wants to become my friend contact or text me at this number.

  • Name:           Sana
  • Age:              23 Years
  • Caste:             Rajpoot
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Not/Studying
  • Cell:              033030252**
  • Email:           [email protected]

2. Noornaaz

Hi mera naam noornaaz he or me karachi me rehti hon. Meri Omar 23 saal he. Sirf educated log raabta kren. Mera number ye he. Me ye number raat 11 bjy k baad open krti hon.

  • Name:           Noornaz
  • Age:              23 Years
  • Caste:             Bhutta
  • Location:      Lahore
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Married
  • Work:            Studying
  • Cell:              0303502527*
  • Email:           [email protected]

3. Aliza

Mera naam aliza he or me zila kotwal se hon.Shadi krni he agar koi agree ho to raabta kre.

Indian Girls Whatsapp Numbers Today Added

  • Name:           Aliza
  • Age:              25 Years
  • Caste:             Khan
  • Location:      Zilla Kotwal
  • Religion:       Christian
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Studying
  • Cell:              0308000252**
  • Email:           [email protected]

4. Fatima Noor

Pakistani Girls whatsapp Number 2020

Me Fatima hon. Age 20 saal he. Acadamy parhti ho. 1 Sacha boyfriend chahiye. Agar shadi krni ho to mere liye sab ko chorna prega. me aap ko wo sab dongi jo aap ko chahiye.

  • Name:           Fatima
  • Age:              20 Years
  • Caste:             Jutt
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Not
  • Cell:              0322767621
  • Email:           [email protected]

Here are many girls WhatsApp groups to check links Click here to Join Girl Whastapp Groups.

I am iram khan who wants to make some new friends. I am a 21 years old girl. Serius people plzzz.

  • Name:           Iram Saba
  • Age:              21 Years
  • Caste:             …..
  • Location:      Balochistan
  • Religion:       Christian
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Studying
  • Already:        Not
  • Cell:              061-776633863
  • Email:           [email protected]


Girls Calling Number

Mehak from Rawalpindi.Shadishuda hon pr shohar izat nhi krta mujhy pyaar krne wala chahiye.

  • Name:           Mehak
  • Age:              26 Years
  • Caste:             Bhatti
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Married
  • Work:            Servent
  • Cell:              ……
  • Email:           [email protected]

Islamabad Girls WhatsApp number for friendship

1. Kishor 

Girls Number


I am female Kishore Kumar from India, want to Make B.f Just girls Call or text.

  • Name:           Kishor
  • Age:              23 Years
  • Cost:             Rajpoot
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Hindu
  • Status:           Married
  • Work:            Not
  • Cell:              93343030252
  • Email:           [email protected]

2. Deeba 

Pakistani Girl whatsapp Number

Hi, I am Deeba from Balochistan and want b.f.Comment your number below I will contact u.


  • Name:           Deeba
  • Age:              23 Years
  • Cost:             Rajpoot
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Not/Studying
  • Cell:              033030252**
  • Email:           [email protected]

3. Dunya
My name is Dunya my age is 19 years. I want to make friends. My number is 9203031134994.

  • Name:           Dunya
  • Age:              19 Years
  • Cost:             Rajpoot
  • Location:      Karachi
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Not/Studying
  • Cell:              923031134994
  • Email:           [email protected]

4. Sania

Real Girls whatsapp Number

I am Sania From Rawalpindi. I want to Make sexy Boys Friends Just for Timepass. Are You Searching the same me? Lets Start Chatting.Number: 03035635987

  • Name:           Sania
  • Age:              23 Years
  • Cost:             Bhuta
  • Location:      Islamabad
  • Religion:       Islam
  • Status:           Single
  • Work:            Studying
  • Cell:              03035635987
  • Email:           [email protected]

5. Ayesha

I am Ayesha from Punjab. wants to make friends. I am from Punjab. My Number is 03007262648

16. Rabia 

hi I am Rabia from Sargodha, Pakistan 03036341674 

5+ Online College girls WhatsApp number

Girls whatsapp Number

1. Sameena Bahaar

  • Name: Sameena Bahaar
  • Age. 17Years
  • From Karachi, Defence
  • Whatsapp Number.   0323-5698547

Pakistani Girls whatsapp Number

2. Nasreen Ziadi

  • Name: Nasreen
  • Age 18
  • From: Karachi
  • Whatsapp Number. 03448965784

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3. Aafia Khanam

  • Name:                       Aafia
  • City:                         Larkana Main City
  • Age:                         22 Years
  • Whatsapp No:         03135874259

4. Nimra Sheikh

Single Girls whatsapp Number


  • Name: Nimra
  • City:    Islamabad
  • Age:      24 Years
  • Whatsapp Number: 03347619482

We add these numbers by the permission of owners. if you wish to make new friends then comment on your number with City and submit.

we will publish your comment after the check or after verification. These numbers can be switch off. Comments below your number to make friends.

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