9 killer Tips: You Should Know Before Starting your 1st Blog

How to Start Your 1st blog? 9 killer Tips for Beginners

Blogging start cource free download: 9 killer tips

    How to Start Blogging and Make Money Online

    Do you want to become a blogger and you are thinking that’s how should you start Your 1st Blog?
    Make Money Online is a Dream for Everyone.
    Everyone wants to make Money Online by “Blogging” and from “Adsense”
    But only some people succeed in that task.
    Now, Earning from the internet is not a dream because today we will tell you about “Online Blogging”.
    We will Discuss 9 Blogging Tips.

    Top 9 Steps to Start Your 1st Online Blog.

    How to Start Your 1st Online Blog?

    To Start Your 1st online blog You Should Prepare your self in this Task.
    Choose the Best Niche for your blog and In the starting, I will suggest you use “blogger.com” because it is free and In the starting, You should not invest any money because you can lose your money without any experience of Blogging.
    So Start Your Blog on blogger.com and select that Niche in which you have more Experience.

    How to Start My first Blog Step By Step

    What I need to Start Online Blogging?

    You Have to Need only an Internet Connection or a Laptop or PC to Start Online Blogging or a domain name for your blog.

    Click here to Start Your 1st Blog Step by Step Guide

    Domain Name Selection and Buying

    A domain name is a short Name of your Blog.
    Which Category of Blog you are making you may have to select a Domain Name which is matching with this category.
    For Example, you are making a blog about “Education” Select a Domain Name which is matching with it.
    You can Buy a Cheap Domain name from Godaddy.com and other Domain name Providers.

    Which Niches are Best for My Blog?

    In which Niche You have more Experience you should select those niches. Don’t Get Start Blog with all niches. Many people start their blogs without any Selection of niches, and they post all kind of Niches as “Technology”, “Career”, “Free internet”, “Wallpapers”, “WhatsApp Status” or About anything they Know.
    Therefore, their Blog doesn’t Rank on Google.
    So Choose only one Category of Blogging.

    How much should I invest in blogging?

    You need $30 -$50 Yearly to Start a blog on “WordPress” but I will suggest you use blogger.com in the starting which is free of cost.

    Don’t Copy paste Material from other sites

    If you are a blogger or you are facing a problem with Google ranking on your website that your website material will be Copyright.
    Don’t Copy Posts from other websites to your website otherwise your website can be blocked in Google searches or ranking.
    Write Articles from Your Hands that don’t copy anything from other sites.
    I guarantee that’s if your article is not copyright then your website will rank.

    Where can I get Images for My Blog without any copyright?

    Be careful to post the thumbnail of other websites to your website. If you will do so, your websites will not rank in Google.

    You can get Images from Pexels.com or also there are many other websites that give you free commercial use images.
    You can use these pictures without any copyright.

    How Much Can I Earn From Blogging?

    You can Earn Up to $100 Monthly by placing “Google Adsense” ads.
    If you get ranking on Google then you can Earn $100-$500 Monthly Easily.
    Many Bloggers are earning up to 1000 Dollars Monthly.

    How to Sign up for Adsense one blogger?

    After the 6 months of starting your blog, you can Sign up for Adsense. Keep in mind if you are using blogger.com then you can Sign up on Adsense after posting 6-10 posts.
    But in “India” you cannot sign up before 6 Months of Blog starts.

    I Hope You will Like my This Post and Understand this Topic.
    If you have any Question you can ask it in Comments.

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