How to make PayPal account in Pakistan without credit card: 10 Steps

How to make Paypal account in Pakistan

PayPal Account in Pakistan

PayPal Account in Pakistan

PayPal is the world’s most used online bank account.
This account is used too much for sending or taking online money. Especially for online workers.

Do you want to make PayPal Account?

Then you are in the right place to create a free PayPal account in Pakistan.
PayPal’s account is not available in Pakistan but today I will tell you a complete way to make PayPal account in Pakistan.
You need a US mobile number to make a PayPal account.
Let’s Go

What I need to Make My PayPal account free in Pakistan?

You Need Just 3 Things to Make Your PayPal account free in Pakistan

• A Google Email (Required)
• USA Number (Get Free USA Number)
• USA Street Address (don’t worry you can use any fake address)

Step 1:
Download VPN on Your Mobile or Desktop computer and Select Any USA, Canada or Other Country Server and connect it.

Step 2:
Ready your 3 Things that are you need above mentioned.

Step 3:
Now open Your Internet Browser and open

Now Click on the Signup button.
Step 4:
Enter Your First or last name (you can use your real name)

Step 5:
Enter Your Valid email address or Create a Unique Password.

Step 6:
If It Required Cell Number Give Your USA Number That’s you have got free from “Dingtone”. (If there is Skip Option You Can Skip This)

Step 7:
Find Any fake Street Address from fake name generator and Fill Address or zip code.

Step 8:
Now Click on 6 Months to pay option.

Step 9:
Now confirm your Billing Address if Everything is Right Click on “Continue” button.

Step 10:
Provide your Real Birthday, On SSN U Can write any 4 digit Words as your password.
Write in annual income after taxes “$50”.
Or enter Your Dingtone Number and Click “Agree” button.


You Have Successfully Created Your PayPal Account. 

If You want to add Bank Account then You Need to Make Your Payoneer Account to connect Your PayPal to Payoneer or Payoneer to Your Bank Account.

 If, You have any problem you can ask in comments.

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