How to Make Your Computer Faster – 5 Methods to Make Fast Your Computer/Laptop

Why Your Computer performance is slow? Reasons for a slow computer or Laptop.

How to Make Your Computer Faster

is your computer running too slow? So do not worry, tell me in the mat, how your computer can be a speedup.
As a matter of fact, there are many reasons for computer slow down.
One of those reasons is that you can install bundles of software and games on your computer without knowing the requirements of your Pc. This is the main reason which makes your computer slow down. When you install software and games without knowing the requirements of these all software and games that how much Ram required to install this software or game then your system getting slow down and you put your hand on your head and sit down now that the computer is slow.
This is the Main Reason for a slow computer. Let’s check, if you are doing so then uninstall all high requirements software that does not match with your pc.

What you Should Do if Your Computer Getting slow?

1st check all Softwares and games that Which software and games pose a threat to your breach and whose memory is longer. uninstall them if your computer speed does not batter then. to Make Fast your computer use techniques below given step by step.

1. Check the Installed Softwares Version or Check their Requirments on Internet

Slow Pc Step 1
Goto My Computer>Unisntall or Change Program see which software are higher sized Uninstall Them as shown in the picture.

2. Uninstall High Version or High Requirement Softwares from Your PC.

Which software are you installed to check their requirements on the internet that are they compatible with your pc or not?

How to Make Your Computer Faster
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Requirments
as you see in the picture adobe photoshop requires 1GB Ram or Core 2 or AMD 2GHz processor.
check these all Required details on your pc that is your computer is compatible or not. if your computer Ram is 512MB or low and your software required 1GB then don’t install this. Find low required software or update your pc ram.

3. Increase Speed by Deleting Extra Loaded Files

When you install a Fresh window then your Computer Hard Disk perfectly Working because there are nothing extra Files or softwares, But when You make Start Insatlling softwares and Games then Those all Softwares and Games Create There Folders and files in Hard Drive “C”.
After Uninstalling these Softwares, There files always remain in their folders. They does not deleted. So Use Below Method to Remove these Extra FILES From your PC.

  • Goto “Run” by Going in Start Menu and Search “run” and open this.
  • Now Type “Prefetch” and Hit Enter Button.
  • Now a new Window will be open and You will saw Many Files and Folders. These Files and folders load on your computer. So Select all and delete All files and Folders.
  • Now Close everything and Go again in “Run” and Then Type here “%Temp%“.
  • Now there also too show Many files and folders remove them.
  • Now Restart Your PC and check Speed, There is 100% changing of speed.

4. Check Your Installed Antivirus Expiration

Make pc fast
Antivirus Expired
Many People Do What, They Don’t Care of Antivirus there antivirus go expire but they don’t know. Infect, This is an other important thing for Your pc because When this antivirus Expired and you never Activate or Delete this, then This Is very harmful for Your PC.
This will get the load and Down your system Speed. If you don’t have Option to activate this then Uninstall this otherwise Activate this.

5. Disk Cleanup

It’s inside your computer but very few people know about it. In fact, its job is to eliminate the dirty and bad sector. This keeps your computer’s hard disk fresh.
  • Goto Start window and Type “disk cleanup”.
  • Disk Cleanup Software will be Shown now Open this and select your system hard drive.
  • Scan your system all drives and remove all extra files or Bad sectors.
  • From this Your System will be speedup.

We Hope your all problems Will be solved and Your Pc/ laptop will be work perfectly. 

If Your System or Laptop does not Speed up please Comment or tell us, we will Help you.

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