Coronavirus Treatment (COVID-19) | Coronavirus Live Updates In Pakistan

CroronaVirus Updates in Pakistan

Here is a list of CoronaVirus Patients and Others in Pakistan.
This Site Updates every Hour.
CoronaVirus was first discovered in China, which spread so much that people started getting infected with this virus all over the world. This is a virus that has not yet received any treatment that’s why people are dying from this virus.
In all World, This Virus has attacked and created the most dangerous effects in all world. But Don’t Worry we will tell you here some Tips where from you will Get Relief. At this time, the effect of this has spread so much that every person is hiding home from the fear of this person.
Because of this virus, it has read a lot of impact on business. And at this time in the whole world, there is a lot of impact on Mayhat. When this virus arrived in Pakistan, its treatment was easily absorbed.

Coronavirus Treatment Vaccine

Coronavirus Treatment Vaccine not yet mad yet at this time and all Scientists believe that they will make this CoronaVirus Vaccine.

CoronaVirus Treatment

The treatment of this virus was not found in the whole world, but the treatment of this has already been told in Islam. All the scientists of China have convinced this thing that the treatment given in Islam is 100% working. You can avoid this virus by using the method described in Islam.

CoronaVirus Treatment in Islam

There are only 2 ways to avoid this Virus in Islam.
  1. Prayer
  2. Use of Onion

CoronaVirus Treatment by Prayer

When you pray 5 times then this virus Removed from your Body. By drinking water and using water repeatedly, this virus can be eradicated. Just Pray 5 Times you will not get a virus.

In Pakistan, people have been saved from this virus by using this practice continuously.

CoronaVirus Treatment from Onion

If We read Quran Pak then there are all problem Solutions but we don’t do so. We Forget to ALLAH  But Allah has not forgotten us. Call us 5 times a day.
If we execute the hadith then we get the treatment of this virus in the hadith.

It is written in the hadith that our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) ordered. “When you wake up from one country to another or another, then you must eat onion there. You do not get any disease by eating onions.”


  • Eat Onion without Water.
  • Don’t Drink Water after eating Onion at least 15 Minutes.
  • Now You Can Check Your Coronavirus and Do Test it will be Finished.

How to Avoid from CoronaVirus

You can avoid from coronavirus by these some Tips.
  • Put Mask on Your Face.
  • Don’t Eat Some Thing in Open Area or Market.
  • Don’t Handshake.
  • Do not eat and drink each other’s liars.
  • Do Pray 5 Times.
  • Use Onion in Your Lunch.
Kindly Share this Treatment to your Lovers, Friends and to all which you know.
and Remember me in your Prayer. I will Pray for all People Which are involved in this virus.

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