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Everyone wants to be their life partner, and every person has a desire that his life partner is the best and to be with him. But in these conditions of speed, every person gives friendship with each other just to pass the time. Every person pretends to have false claims and false love to pass his time and later he gets nothing but mere cheating.

My advice to all of you is that you stay away from such friends and such love. If you have come here to make friends, then you will get many types of people here.
For this, you have to be careful.

Today we are going to share the mobile number and Whatsapp number of Multani Girls with you. Some of these numbers may be closed and some may also be thrown. If any number turns out to be wrong, you will be responsible for all this yourself.

Multan Girls Numbers | Find Friends in Multan

Here is a list of some Multani girls numbers which can be Turned off but you can comment your number for making or find friends online.

1. Sumaira

Name:     Sumaira
Location:  Qasimpur Colony
Age:          23
Email:       [email protected]
Contact:    Not Provides
Status:       Single

2. Hina Khan

Name:              Hina Khan
Location:         Multan, Airport Road
Age:                 20
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:           0322-7319825
Status:              Single

3. Sameera Jaan

Name:              Sameera Jaan
Location:         Chungi No. 14 # Multan
Age:                 23Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:           0305-4573258
Status:             Single

4. Farwanaz

Name:              Farwanaz
Location:         Haram Gate, Multan
Age:                19Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:          Not Provides
Status:             I Like New Friends/ Single

5. Nadia Tehmoor

Name:              Nadia Tehmoor
Location:         Ghanata Ghar, Multan
Age:                 24 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:            03049900242
Status:               Married

6. Shazmira khan

Name:              Shazmira Khan
Location:          Bohar Gate, Multan
Age:                 27 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:           03008527416
Status:              Married

7. Arisha Zafar

Name:              Arisha Zafar
Location:         Masoom Shah Road, Multan
Age:                 21 Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:          03054573258
Status:             single

8. Neha Sultan

Name:              Neha Sultan
Location:          Bahawalpur Baipass Chowk, Multan
Age:                 20 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:           3036545852
Status:              Single/Study

Pakistani Girls Mobile Number

here are all Pakistani girls mobile numbers and WhatsApp numbers. you can talk with them.

9. Mahreen Beraj

Name:              Mahreen Beraj
Location:         Chungi No# 9, Multan
Age:                 21 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:           Not Provides
Status:             Single

10. Palwasha 

Name:              Palwasha
Location:         Azam Chowk, Multan
Age:                21 Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:           03082345257
Status:             Single

11. Huma Khan

Name:              Huma Khan
Location:         Bypass Chowk, Multan
Age:                20 Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:          03004522568
Status:             Single

12. Mahnoor Butt

Name:              Mahnoor Butt
Location:         Dera Adda, Multan
Age:                23 Years
Email:            [email protected]
Contact:         03054565875
Status:            Married

13. Shaista Malik

Name:              Shaista Malik
Location:         Purana Goalbag, Multan
Age:                25 Years
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:          03046545125
Status:              Married/ None Happy

14. Naima Khan

Name:              Naima Khan
Location:          Qasim Bela, Multan
Age:                 19 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:           03025698454
Status:              Single

15. Saima Rajpoot
Name:              Saima Rajpoot
Location:         Sultan Colony, Multan
Age:                 20 Years
Email:              [email protected]
Contact:            03054565875
Status:              Single

16. Kiran Azam

Hi, I am kiran azam and want to make friends.

Name:            Kiran
Last:               Azam
Location:        Cantt
Age:               26Y
Email:             [email protected]
Contact:          0345-2001117
Status:             Married

Multan Girls Numbers

If anyone has a problem with these numbers and want to add or remove any content then please contact us. we will contact you in 24 Hours after receiving ur mail.

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