How to Start a Blog on Blogger: Step by Step Guide | Blogger Starter Course

Online Earning is a dream of every internet user. Here we will Discuss Online earnings on Which is Provided by Google. Blogger is a Google Provided Platform where anyone can make New Blog and can share Online Information or which he wants.
Here we will teach you about Online Blogging and how to Start Online Earning from

What is Blogger?

Blogger is Blogging Plateform Provided by Google for Free. Many People are earning and working well. You may have only bought a domain name and next you can become a website owner. Blogspot was launched on 23 August 1999 by the Pyra Labs which was brought by Google.

How to Start 1st Blog? Step by Step Guide

Before starting Blog you should get information about blogging and what have you need you can read it here.
Step 1:
Go to and Sign in from your google account.
Step 2: 

After Click on the Sign-in Button then Give your Email and Password. and make a new Blog as Shown in the Picture Below.

Step 3:

Choose a Website Name that you want to make and write in Title your Website Title.
Write in address your Website address name. You can change this name at any time.

Title: Worldinfopage | Welcome to this website
same you can write any name that you want.

Step 4: 

If you want to Change your Blog theme then You can Go to this Link.
How to Change Blogger Template

Step 5:

Now Write Posts and Publish. Don’t Copy Paste Any Material from another website to your Blog.
Write only Your own Content. To make new posts click on New Post Button and Make a New Post.

Now You have Successfully Create Your Blog. Now we will Do other settings on Blog.

Step 6:

Now click on Settings in the blogger dashboard in the left column.
Change Title with your Blog Name and Put Some Keywords.
Example: | Worldwide Information and News Center
Step 7:
Write in Description your Website Details that what is on your website and what about this.
for example, my website is on SMS then I will write in Description.
” Best website of Urdu Sms,  Sms Poetry,  English Sms, Funny Sms or Send Free Sms worldwide for free”
Step 8:
Now You can change Your Blog Address if you want or if you want to attach your own domain name then you can click on “Setup Third-Party URL for your Blog
These were some basic settings that you can do yourself for starting your website.

Final Words to Start your 1st Blog.

We Know in these Few Steps you Have to learn the Blogger Basic. Please share your problems and ask anything in comments if you have any questions about blogging and online earning you can ask us in comments.

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