10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog

When there is a question to earn money from blogs or websites then Adsense in the world No#1 Network. Here are many Google Adsense Alternative sites where you can get fast approval on your website but I am sharing here High payment and Best Networks where you can earn the same Adsense.

10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

Adsense has many Policies that are very tough to follow and 35% of People get approval from Adsense and for new Bloggers to get Approval from Adsense it is not a particularly easy process. The Adsense alternative Ads Networks which are given below they are not necessarily better than Adsense.

If You follow the Adsense rules and make a blog depending on their rules and policies, Make a Great and unique content on your blog then this is not difficult to get approval for your blog.

10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Small Websites and Blogger

Here are some Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog which you can use and get fast approval for your sites. If you have the best niche and good content and you have good traffic on your blog then (Media.net and Viglink) can help you to make a batter income than Adsense.

1. Media.Net

Media.net is a 2nd Contextual Ad network by Bing and yahoo it is a high paying ad network. to get approval from Media.net you must get some traffic from the USA and Canada. Just write the high-quality content and its Approval process is the same as Adsense.


2. Amazon Display Ads

Amazon has launched new ad services in 2019 which you can use and monetize your blog easily. Amazon’s Native Shopping ads are similar to Adsense in Terms. It shows relevant ads on your blog page where ads are being displayed. You have to only once insert Ad code on your blog and next time it will crawl your website post and will show Ads.


3. Propellerads

Propellerads is an AdTach company that was found in 2011. if your website is small and you are not getting approval from Adsense then it is the best site for your blog. You can start earning after Approve your website from Propellerads.


This website is for Publishers and Advertiser both. If you want to advertise Your company and Brand then you can use it. About they have more than 1 billion+ Audience Courage.

Click here to Visit Propellerads

4. Adversal

Adversal is a  self-service platform. It is the best alternative of Adsense because it will show relevant ads on your blog and they have a fraud filter system that can detect spamming and frauds.
This Company has some policies:
  1. The publisher must have its own Domain Name
  2. The publisher must have at least 50,000 Monthly page views on his Blog
  3. You must have a privacy policy page, contact page, and about page.
  4. Adult content and Malawere sites will not eligible
  5. Good and Unique content on the site.

5. Skimlinks

When it comes to monetizing your website or your blog then you will find the best Ad network for your blog. There are many Adnetworks but due to high policy and Rules many new Bloggers don’t get approve their Blogs.
Then there is SKIMLINKS Company which will help you to Monetize your blog and earn money. it is similar to Adsense but it has an affiliate program where you can get an extra income.

6. Infolinks

Infolinks is the best ads network and anyone who has an own domain name can get approval for his/her Blog. Infolinks will show Link ads, Popup ads, and banner ads.
They have CPMs and CPC (cost per click) System and you can earn from both ways. Infolinks will give you 1000 Page views/$7.


Join Now Infolinks

7. Adsterra

Adsterra is a premium advertising network which is targeting 25 Billion Geo-targeted ad impressions per month. Adsterra has 122 employees. Just Register on This site and insert code into your blog and start making money today.
Their payment method is Bitcoin, Wiretransfer, Paypal, Webmoney, and Epayments. There is also a referral program that will give you an extra option to make money by inviting and joining people.


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8. Viglink

it is an 8th Adsense alternative Company it is similar to Adsense and you can register here free. This Company’s work is different from other Monetizing companies. They convert your normal links to affiliate links, If any user from your blog makes any purchase then you will earn a referral commission from this.


Join Now VigLink

9. Kontera

With no Miniumus Traffic required Kontera is the best alternative of Adsense. They offer Text and Banner Ads and their minimum payout limit is $50.
It is a Cost per Click Network you will earn than click the ad of the user. You can payout money by Wire and Paypal.

10. Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a pay per click advertising program. You can get fast approval from it. Just Register and get code for your website. After Verify or Approve your website you can display banner ads, pop-under ads, slider, and smart links ads. Their ads support any kind of traffic and you can earn by CPM and CPC.

Minimum Payment Payout $10. You can get Money by Paypal, Bitcoin, and wire transfer. If your website has low traffic and you want to make money, with a low payout payment term then this is a good site.

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