How to Convert Your Network to Jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone and Telenor – Step by Step Guide

How to Convert Your Sim to jazz, Zong, Warid, Ufone and Telenor | Port to any Network

Do you want to convert Your Sim to another network? If yes then here I will tell you about “How to Convert Your network to jazz, Zong, Ufone or Warid” With Step by Step. If you are an Other Network User and you want to convert your network to others without any changing Your Number then you have to follow me step by step I tell you below.

If you don’t know how to convert your sim/Network to Jazz then you can visit the Nearest franchise or Retailershop for information.

All networks MNP Request Numbers

To convert Your Sim Network to any Network just Send “MNP” to 667. You will receive an SMS with Your Connection details. Now Select the Network where you want to Convert/Move and Forward the SMS to This Network Code which is Given Below.
For Example, You want to Convert Your sim to Jazz then Send The Received SMS from 667 to 76300.
Network to Forward SMS
 Jazz  76300
 Zong  76313
 Ufone  76333
 Warid  76321
 Telenor  76345

1. Convert Your Number to Jazz/Mobilink

  1. You can convert Your Network by visiting the Jazz Franchise or Nearest Retailer Shop with your Orignal CNIC.
  2. Now Write “MNP” in the SMS and send it to “667“.
  3. you will receive an SMS with the Details of Your Number Information.
  4. Now Forward this SMS to 76300
  5. Now you will receive and Welcome Message by Jazz.
  6. Go to Jazz Retailer Shop or Franchise
  7. Provide them Your Sim Number and they will Convert Your Sim to Jazz.
  8. Don’t Get Loan From Your Sim otherwise, it will never Convert.
  9. It will take 3, 4 Days for converting to Jazz Network.

2. Convert Your Network to Zong

How to convert you Any Network to Zong? Follow me Step by Step.
  1. Write MNP and send it to 667.
  2. You will receive an SMS with the Details of Your Number Information.
  3. Forward this Message to 76313.
  4. after some minutes you will receive a Welcome SMS from the Zong.
  5. Now go to Zong Franchise or Any Retailer Shop.
  6. Provide him your Number and He will Take Your Thumb to Biometric Machine.
  7. After verification Retailer will Give You another Sim.
  8. This sim will take 3 to 4 days for activating.
  9. Never Get Loan from your Old network sim otherwise it will not Convert.

3. Convert Your Network to Telenor

If you want to Conver Your sim to Telenor then Follow me step by step.
  1. To convert your Network to Telenor You should visit the Telenor Franchise or Retailer shop.
  2. Write MNP in the Message and send it to 667.
  3. You will receive a Message of your Sim information.
  4. Now, forward his message to 76345.
  5. Never get Loan from Your Network.
  6. After sending these messages go to Telenor Franchise or Retailer Shop.
  7. after Verification He will give you Telenor Sim after porting.
  8. Keep Remember, It will take 3,4 Days to convert into Telenor.

4. Convert Your Network to Ufone

Ufone sim Convert is very easy and simple just follow me below.
  1. Take your Mobile phone and Write Sms from Your Sim.
  2. Write”MNP” and send it to 667.
  3. You will receive an SMS with your Connection details.
  4. Just forward this message to 76333.
  5. You will receive and Welcome SMS from Ufone.
  6. Now complete the Request of Number Porting.
  7. Go to Ufone Franchise and Retailer to get Your sim.
  8. They will Verify You after completing Biometric.
  9. After verification, they will give you your Ufone sim.
  10. it will take 3 to 4days for activation.
  11. Never get Loan from your Sim.

5. Convert Your Network to Warid

How to convert your network to Warid?
  1. Go to Write Message and Write “MNP” and sen it to 667.
  2. you will receive an SMS with the details of  Your Sim Connection.
  3. Now, forward this SMS to 76321.
  4. You will receive an SMS of Welcome from the Warid.
  5. Go to Retailer shop or Ufone Franchise to get Sim.
  6. Don’t get Loan from Your Old Network sim.
  7. It will take 3 to 4 days to activate.


  • You will be charged Rs.100 PKR to convert your network to any network.
  • You will get Rs.50 PKR Balance in your New Converted sim.
  • To Convert Your Network Customer must has used his/her sim 2 Months or more.
  • After Converting Your Network you cannot Convert Your Sim to another network for the next 2 months.
  • to get your new Sim after Completing the SMS process Go to Franchise or any Nearest retailer shop to collect your New ported Sim.
  • Don’t get Loan after Completing Number poring request, Otherwise, Your request will be canceled.


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