How to Check Property ownership in Pakistan online

Want to Check Property ownership in Pakistan online? Just follow these steps to check online Land Records in Pakistan.
  • It is not now difficult to check the Land or property records in Pakistan. Just go to and select the province.
  • if you are from the Sindh then visit the website and follow the steps.
  • Select District, City, or area from the drop-down list of the website
  • Enter CNIC number or Plot Number to check the Record of Property or Land.
Fraud has been rampant in Pakistan for a long time in Property Records. Most of the people had to go to the Patwari to get ownership of there lands or property. Patwaris also take a lot of money from them but the land is not registered in their name.
That is why the government of Pakistan decided to stop the fraud that has been going on for years. To prevent this, they introduced an online system to Check Property ownership in Pakistan online.
Now you can check Your Land Record in Pakistan online at home or anywhere without paying something. The only Govt of Punjab and Gov of Sindh has Introduced this Online Property Checking System.

How to Check Property ownership in Punjab Pakistan online

The government of Punjab has introduced an online Land Record and Property Record Checking system. If you are from Punjab and you want to check the Property ownership in Punjab then follow below steps:
  • Go to the
  • You can find Plot, Property or Land Record on the Rodportal Page
  • Select the District in the 1st drop-down menu
  • Select the Service Center/Area
  • Now select the Search Type Ex: CNIC, Bahi No, Name or Registration Number
  • Now in the 4th Box Write the Number of which you selected in 3rd box
  • Click on Search Button you will find the record of your land or property.
  • To Download records just register on the website.

How to Check Property ownership in Sindh Pakistan online

You can find the Property owner name and registry information on the Govt website of the Sindh. Just follow steps to get information on property or land.
1. Visit
2. Select the type which you want to search for.
3. You can find Property or Land Record by CNIC or Name
4. to Search by CNIC just Write the CNIC Number and Enter Captch words.
5. Press the search button.
6. You will find complete details of your land or property.

Find Land/Plot/Property in Karach/Sindh by Name

  1. to find Property by the name 
  2. visit the website and click Search by name. 
  3. Select the district and then select the area
  4. Now write the Full name as in your CNIC
  5. Solve the Captcha and Press Search
  6. You will find the complete Details of Your plot.

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