How to Check Which Number is Registered on my CNIC

How to Know or check Which Number is Registered on your CNIC

When you go to get a new SIM and activate the SIM you have to use a biometric method. But at the moment you don’t know how much the shopkeeper is doing in your name. many people don’t know How to Check Which Number is Registered on their CNIC.

How to Show Registered Numbers on Your CNIC?

To check how many Numbers/Sim are Registered on your CNIC you can send Your CNIC Number to 668. it is free and you can get the complete details of which or how many sims are activated on your CNIC/Name.


This Method will tell you only the Quantity of the registered sims on your name but if you want to know “Which Numbers are Registered on your CNIC” You can use the below-given Method. from this method, you can get a complete number list of all Networks Jazz, Zong, Telenor, Warid, Ufone.

1. Jazz

  • write your CNIC number and send it to 668.
  • You will receive the number of registered Jazz sims.
  • Now Write the CNIC number without dashes and send it to “6001″
  • You will receive the list of all Jazz Numbers which are registered on Your CNIC.

Warid is marked with Jazz network therefore now you can get full information throw Jazz. if you want to check warid sim numbers you can use the Jazz sim checker method. Also, you can send your CNIC number to 789.

2. Zong


To get the sim number which is registered on your name but you don’t know that sim numbers first check the quantity of registered Zong sims by sending the CNIC number to 668.

Now use this method.
  • Write the “V” and send it to “7911″
  • You will receive the list of all Zong Numbers which are registered on Your CNIC.
  • Send this SMS only from this number which is registered on your own name.

3. Telenor


Telenor has not introduced this type of method to check which Telenor numbers are registered on your name. But there are some tricks which you can use and can get some helpful information.

  • You can go to the Telenor Franchise and can ask the list of numbers that are registered on your name.
  • Send CNIC number to 7751.
  • You can get the quantity of Telenor numbers that are registered on your name by sending CNIC number to 668.
  • to check the current Telenor sim number Send blank SMS to 7421.
  • You will get the current sim number in Message

4. Ufone

Ufone has not launched this service but you can check the list of  Un-biometric number lists. Also, you can use this method to check the Ufone Number list.
  • Send CNIC number to 6001.
  • You will receive verified or non verified Ufone numbers.
  • You can also get this information from UFONE Helpline or Ufone Franchise.

Sometimes, some shopkeepers cheat us and activate the two SIMs on our name which we have no knowledge. After a while, we find out that another SIM is running in our name. We do not know the number of this SIM which makes it difficult to turn off the SIM.


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