How to Deactivate JazzCash Account (In 10 Minutes)

In this post, we will discuss How to deactivate JazzCash Account in just 10 Minutes. Now jazz has launched this problem solution that many people have a JazzCash and they don’t know how to delete the JazzCash account.

Close JazzCash Account

Here are Some Steps which you can use and follow to delete JazzCash Account.

  • Empty Your JazzCash Account Balance
  • Your Account Balance Should be Zero to Deactivate Account
  • Now call to 4444 or 051-111-124-4444
  • Say Him/Her to Close Your JazzCash account
  • Tell them Reason and Some Security Question Answers
  • They will Close Your Account in 24 Hours.

How to Deactivate Jazz Cash Account Just In 10 Minutes


Jazz is a Best Network and They Introduced JazzCash Mobile account for its Users. JazzCash Digital Mobile Banking System is growing-up and Now they increase 6 Million Monthly Active Users that making them Pakistani Largest Telecom Company.


from JazzCash Account you can send and receive money online from JazzCash App and USSD Code. you can do easy load, pay bills, pay taxes, send and receive money across the country.


Many People create a jazz cash account but they don’t want to use it anymore because of any reason. When They want to remove JazzCash Account they Face difficulty to remove this account.

Delete JazzCash Account – Permanently (Jazz Users)

If you are a Jazz Sim user then you can Remove, Close, and deactivate the JazzCash account by this method.

1. Empty Account Balance

To remove account jazz has a policy that removal account balance should be zero and there should be no money in account however, 0.1 Rupees should be not in account. If you have a Zero (0.00) Balance in the account then You can remove Your account easily.

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2. Call to JazzCash Helpline (4444) – Only Jazz Sim Users

After Empty Jazzcash account balance Now Dial 4444 from your Jazz sim. JazzCash officers will talk to you and say them to remove your account.


They will ask some security questions, Answer these questions correctly. After Verification, they will Close your account in 30 Minutes to 1 Hour. it can take 24 hours or above.

Jazz App Users Remove or Deactivate JazzCash Account – Permanently

If you are using JazzCash from JazzCash App and you want to Close or deactivate Your Account then follow a few steps.

1. Empty JazzCash Account Balance

To close the Account there should be no money in your account. Zero your account balance and there should not any amount however there should not (0.01 rupees). Make this 0.00 zero.

2. Call to JazzCash Helpline (051-111-124-4444)

Now it’s time to talk with JazzCash helpline officers. Call to 051-111-124-4444 if you are a Non Jazz user and say them to close Your account.

They will ask some security questions as your CNIC number, Mother Name, Date of Birth, and Your Last transection.

Provide the correct answers. They will send your account closing application and Your account will be closed in 10 Minutes.

Final Words

if Your problem is not solved and you are worried about the JazzCash account closing problem then empty your balance and then go to Jazz Office. They will close your Account immediately.


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