How to Change PTCL Wifi Password – Top 7 Steps

PTCL is a Pakistani Internet Provider Company, Many People buy the PTCL Wifi or PTCL Wireless connection but they don’t that how to Change PTCL Wifi Password. When someone knows his/her wifi password then there is not any option remain to stop him.her to access the internet without changing the password.

Change PTCL Wifi Password

To change the password of PTCL Wifi, Follow the Below Given Steps:
  • Open your browser and type or in the search bar and press the enter button.
  • It will ask you username and password, Give the Username “admin” and password “admin”
  • Now, the PTCL Admin panel will be open
  • Click on Wireless and then click on security
  • Find WPA/WPA2 option.
  • Click on it and create a new password and then apply.
  • Your PTCL password will be changed.

7 Steps to Change the Password of PTCL Device

If you want to change the PTCL password or username then follow the below-given method.

1. Open Web Browser and type (

Open the web browser and type if it not work then type as shown in the picture.

2. Enter Username and Password

You should know its Username and password. On some devices it default username is “admin and the password is “admin“. Enter the Default password and Username “admin” and click on the Login button.

3. PTCL Admin Panel 

You will be entered in the PTCL admin panel and now you can change its username and password easily by following me.

  • Click on Wireless and then Click on Security as shown in Picture.
  • You can see the option of a password.
  • Enter the new password as shown in the picture and click on the Apply/Save button.

Now your PTCL router will be restart again it will ask now a new password to join the wifi. if you don’t know what is the default password of PTCL Router/BB then you can see the below method to check what is the password of the PTCL device.

How to check the default username and password of the PTCL Wifi device?

To check the default password of the PTCL Wifi device you have to take the PTCL Device in your hands and see its back.

You can check its password and username on the back of the modern. I hope you will understand this topic and if you have any questions you can ask in the comment section.

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