How to Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS & Via MTMIS

How to Check Vehicle Registration through SMS This Question asked from many Pakistanis & I came here just to Provide You this Information. If you want information about your car or someone else’s motorcycle, jeep, car, rickshaw, bus, etc. read this post in full. When you go to buy an old or used car, you need to know the real owner of the car. Because the car you are buying may not be fraudulent and you may be shown fake documents for that car.

Check Vehicle Registration in Pakistan

There are only two ways to check vehicle Registration and it Documents.

  • Through SMS
  • Via MTMIS

How to Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS in Punjab

To prevent fraud, the government of Punjab has introduced the system of SMS verification which was started three or four years ago today and is still in place. Now if you want information about any vehicle whether it is a motorcycle or any other vehicle you can get complete information by just sending a message.

Method Of Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS in Punjab

  • firstly, Go to Your Mobile Phone in Message Options
  • Write Vehicle Registration number and Send it to 8785
  • You will Get Complete information Such as; Owner’s name, Token paid, Registration date, Chassis number, Engine number and Make.
  • This Service in not available in Sindh and KPK & You cannot check this through SMS in Sindh and KPK.

How to Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS in Islamabad

This service has also been introduced by the Government of Islamabad and if you want to know the information of any vehicle through SMS in Islamabad, its procedure is different from the procedure of Punjab.

Method of Check Vehicle Registration Through SMS in Islamabad

  • Firstly, Go to Your Mobile Phone Message Option
  • Secondly, Create a new Message and Write Vehicle Registration Number and send it to 8521
  • Thirdly, In Few Seconds, you will get a Message from 8521 with Complete Details of Vehicle Information.
  • You can also get Vehicle Owner’s name, Engine number and Other Information.
  • This method can be use only in Islamabad City, and Other Cities caannot use this method.

How to Check Vehicle Registration Online – In Pakistan

If you want to get online vehicle registration information then each province has a different procedure and different website. You can check Online Registration and can Verify that is this Fine or not.

  1. Punjab MTMIS
  2. Sindh MTMIS
  4. Islamabad MTMIS

MTMIS Punjab

To check online vehicle registration in Punjab, you need to visit Punjab MTMIS website and, After opening this website, you will come across a vehicle registration check page. in which you have to enter the vehicle registration number which is written on Vehicle Number Plates. Click on I am Not robot button and solve the captcha. Now click on Search button to check vehicle information in Punjab.

You will get following information of Vehicle:

  • Owner Name
  • Vehicle Color
  • Make
  • Chassis number
  • Engine number
  • Registration date
  • Token paid 
  • Payment
  • Transfer
  • Body Type
  • CPLC
  • Remarks
  • Seating Capacity
  • Model Year
  • Class of Vehicle
  • MTMIS Sindh


If you are from Sindh and You want to check Vehicle Information in Sindh Then Visit the Website of MTMIS Sindh. Choose the Vehicle Type Two Wheeler’s and four Wheeler’s, Then Enter the Registration number & Verify you are not a robot then click on Search Button.

You can get Following Informaion of Vehicle from MTMIS Sindh online registration:

  • Vehicle Color
  • Body
  • Registartion date
  • Payment
  • Engine Number
  • Remarks
  • City
  • Transfer
  • Make


To Check Online Vehicle registration and Information of Owner in KPK Visit and select the District, and write the Vehicle number. Now click on Search Button after searching you will get following results:

  • Chassis number
  • Engine number
  • Make
  • Registration date
  • Token paid
  • Owner’s name
  • Payment
  • Make

MTMIS Islamabad

To check Isalmabad Vehicle registration online visit Click on Online services and then Check Vehicle details, You will need Vehicle registartion number and Vehicle Registartion Date to get the complete Inforamtion.

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