The Largest Countries In The World By Area in square kilometers

World Biggest Countries By Area measured in square kilometers of Land.

The world is round but there are some places inside it that touch hearts. Some countries are small in this world and some countries are big. But today we will tell you only about the major countries whose area is highest۔
Our land contains 70.8% of water and 29.2% dry and all the countries are only 29.2% on Earth.


The Top 15 Biggest Countries List By Area.


1. Russia

Russia is a World Biggest Country in The World By Area. It is Contains on 11.5% of Earth.

Russia is 17.1 Million Square Kilometres Easily Make This The World Largest Country By Area.


Canada Is a World Second Biggest Country By Area 9.984 Million Square Kilometers Make it the 2nd  largest country in the world. This is Biggest Country in the Western hemisphere.

3. United States of America

The United States of America is Bigger than China but this is slightly small than from Canada. United States of America total area is 9.63 million kilometers.

4. The People’s Republic of China

The People’s Republic of China says present China and the Republic of China refers to Taiwan and its adjoining areas

Located in the east of Asia, is a cultural and ancient civilization area. The China total area is 9596961 Square kilometers.

5. Brazil

Brazil the vast South American country is a World 5th Country in the list of world biggest countries by area.

People of Brazil Speak Portuguese brazilian Language.

6. Australia
Australia is a Country of South Africa, Which is the world’s smallest continents. The total area of ​​Australia is 7617930 square kilometers. All of these eggs are located on the Australian plate. It is surrounded by Indian, South, and Ocean. Between Australia and Asia, the sea of ​​Timur and Aphafora is located. Australia has a total of 34218 km coast.

7. India

India is currently the second largest country in the world by population. If the population of the world is divided into six parts, one of the six parts is the population of India. India is 17.5% of the world’s total population. The Total area of India is 3287263 square kilometers.

8. Argentina

Argentina Officially called the Republic of Argentina, is the second largest country in South America. This country consists of 23 provinces and an autonomous city Beyonce Irish. By the field, it is the eighth largest country in the world. It has 1073500 sq mi area.

9. Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the World 9th Biggest Country by Area.
It’s Largest City is Almaty.
There are more than 70% of people are Muslims or 26% Christians or 3.5% others.
The total area of Kazakhstan is 1052100 sq mi.

10. Algeria

Algeria the world 10th biggest country is in the Maghrib region of North Africa. It’s called People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria it’s the total area is 
919595 sq mi.

11. Congo

Democratic The Republic of Congo is an 11th Biggest country by area. Its total area is 905355 sq mi.

12. Greenland


Greenland is a 12th Biggest country in the world by area.
It has 836330 sq mi total area.
Nuuk is the largest city of Greenland.

13. Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia is a Muslim Country and Also this is the 13th Biggest country in the world by Area.
Saudi Arabia has 830000 sq mi of Total area. Riyadh city is the Largest and capital of Saudi Arabia.

14. Mexico


Mexico is the 14th biggest country by area in the world.
It has 758449 sq mi of total area.
Mexico City is the largest city in Mexico.
83% of the people are Catholic.

15. Indonesia


The world 15th biggest country by area in Indonesia.
The total area of Indonesia is 737815 sq mi.
The largest city of Indonesia in Jakarta
87.2% of the people are Muslims.

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